7 Common Reasons Why People Have Wine Collections

It was common for a few wealthy people to collect wine in the past. However, more people are starting their own amateur wine collections today. So, what are some of the reasons people begin collecting wine? 

A few common reasons why people have wine collections is that expensive wine is a great status symbol, while some collect wine purely for enjoyment. Since red wine is good for the heart, many people collect them for health benefits. Another reason is to sell rare wines in years to come. 

In this article, I’ll discuss seven common reasons why people have wine collections. Some collect it for taste, while others have a collection for purely aesthetic purposes. If you love wine and want your own collection, continue reading this article to see where you fit. 

1. They Are Great Status Symbols

Having a wine collection in your home says a lot about your status. However, it’s all psychological. 

Wine collections are those rare pieces stuck with us from the past, like classical music or luxury wristwatches. Because of its connection with history, when people see a wine collection, they associate it with class. 

Moreover, only wealthy people could afford high-quality wine collections in the past. Therefore, today, when people see a wine collection, they immediately assume that you’re well-to-do. So, even if those things aren’t true, you automatically receive the status of somebody classy and possibly rich by having a wine collection. 

Status symbols through wine collections are further shaped psychologically by the size of your wine collection. Your status symbol grows if you’re fortunate enough to have a sizeable wine collection.

Advice: If you want to establish your status through a wine collection, it will take you a few years to collect truly valuable wines. You shouldn’t brag about your collection to more experienced wine experts or collectors because they’ll immediately spot if you’re genuinely classy by looking at your wine shelf. Take your time and really get to know your wine. 

2. They Bring People Personal Enjoyment 

Personal enjoyment plays a massive part in any collection. Many people like to collect items because they enjoy the process of collecting. 

Similarly, some wine collectors enjoy the process of researching and finding wines to add to their collection. Luckily, there are numerous forums and web pages for guidance today.

Another reason wine collectors enjoy collecting wine is that they get to drink it with their family or friends. The joy of sharing wine with your loved ones can transcend all the “selfish” benefits of collecting wine. It’s not all about hoarding hundreds of wine bottles all for yourself. Wine, like paintings, was made for people to enjoy. 

Of course, you don’t have to drink it as soon as it reaches your wine cellar. Many wines are tastier when they age. So, even though you might want to leave some wine in your cellar for a few years, it still means you’ll enjoy it when it’s meant to taste the best. Being patient and leaving the wine to mature is part of the wine-collecting experience. 

Lastly, some wine collectors think they should collect as many bottles as possible. Forums and web pages often do more harm than good because new wine collectors think they need to listen to everyone’s opinion. This can ruin the enjoyment aspect of wine collecting.

Advice: If you want to collect wine solely because you enjoy the process or like to taste and share good wine with others, then only collect wine you like. You don’t have to collect rare or expensive wine just for the sake of it. Find brands you like, and collect those. 

3. You Can Decorate Your Home With Your Wine Collection

Wine collections are usually found in cellars. However, the reason for that is not because the collection takes up too much space or because somebody’s hiding their wine. Cellars are great for storing wine because they hold a balanced temperature, so the wine doesn’t go bad. 

Today, wine collections can finally leave the confines of dark and damp cellars. Modern wine cellars are equipped with all the technology necessary to keep your wine perfect and drinkable for many years. This ultimately means that your wine collection can serve as a tantalizing showpiece in your kitchen, for instance. 

Also, since there are modern glass wine cellars, your wine collection is fully displayed. So, forget about expensive paintings on the walls. You can have a nicely lit wine collection built in the middle of a room, and your visitors can circle around it and marvel at the collection. Having decor like this is also a great conversation starter when hosting parties. 

Advice: If you’re collecting wine because you think it’d make the perfect decor for your home, don’t worry too much about your wine selection. You can have some tastier wines to serve, but since it’s only decorative, it’s best to buy cheaper wines. Also, for the ultimate statement piece, incorporate light fixtures to give your cellar a modern look. 

4. People Collect Wine Because It’s Healthy 

Many people collect wine because of its health properties. These collections aren’t usually large and only take up a small portion of the kitchen or cellar. This is because drinking wine for health purposes should be done in smaller quantities. 

Red wine, in particular, is said to reduce the chances of heart-related health issues due to the antioxidants found in grapes’ skin. According to Healthline, red wine is good for:

  • Inflammation
  • Heart
  • Mental health
  • Healthy gut bacteria

However, according to Harvard Medical School’s blog, there’s no clear correlation between red wine and a reduction in heart-related problems. 

The connection between red wine and health possibly remained with us from the past. People assumed the health benefits of various foods and drinks based on their appearance. Therefore, in the past, people believed that red wine was good for your blood. Even today, many toast with wine for long life or good health. 

Advice: If you think red wine’s good for your health, especially blood or heart, then, by all means, have some. However, ensure that you only consume wine in controlled amounts, for example, one glass of red wine a day. 

Also, remember that no amount of wine can treat existing health issues—wine shouldn’t be a replacement for prescribed medication. 

5. People Collect Wine To Sell It Later

This list would be incomplete without one of the most common reasons people collect almost anything of value—investment. Great wines are like luxury watches or vintage cars; many buy them only to sell them to the highest bidders. Of course, collecting wine for investment purposes means you’ll need to wait a long time before you can sell it.

The rarity of the wine is important here. The rarer a wine is, the higher the price will be over the years. Sure, there’s a great deal of risk involved with this kind of wine collecting, but sometimes it only takes one sale to make you financially secure. 

However, not all wines are worth investing in. Therefore, you should always try to find great vintage wines that aren’t produced anymore. Also, some of the most sought-after wines are usually French or Italian.

Advice: Before investing in wine as a potential asset, you should spend time gaining knowledge about the history of various wine companies. Also, you should be familiar with the wine market because you’ll need to know what the market will demand in years to come. 

6. They’re a Great Way To Meet New People

Wine collecting is a great way to meet people who share the same interests as you. Usually, wine collectors don’t have many friends who are passionate about wine as they are. So, through wine collecting, you’ll form other friendships, form new groups and enjoy the experience together.

We all want to belong somewhere, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to start a hobby. Soon, you’ll meet people not just near you but all over the world, thanks to the internet. Luckily, wine collecting is a hobby found in almost every country. 

Advice: If you want to meet other wine enthusiasts, you should start with social media. Hundreds of groups are dedicated to collecting wine on almost all social media platforms. Also, look for local wine-related events to meet people “offline.” 

7. They’re a Good Way To Learn About New Cultures 

Many love to learn about new countries and cultures, and collecting wine is one of the best ways to do that. France and Italy, in particular, have a rich history of wine production, and you can learn so much about not just wine but also culture, geography, and history through wine collecting. 

Advice: If you’re a new wine collector, immerse yourself in cultures with a history of wine. And if you get the opportunity, visit these places for the full experience. 

Alexander Picot

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